Monday, May 18, 2009

Boring Technical Post

I've retitled my blog from "Eli's Addict" to "Eli Hornby." Basically, I was tired of seeing "Eli & # 39 ;s Addict" in places where the HTML was not rendered correctly. (It doesn't seem like an apostrophe should be that big of a deal, but whatever.)

If you've been directed here from my old feed, you can re-subscribe using the "Subscribe in a reader" button in the right column. Google "Followers" should see no change.

If I missed anything or if something's not working right, feel free to comment below or email me at with questions or notes.



  1. You have NEVER posted a boring blog!

  2. Thanks. Glad that you are still posting.

  3. I'm with ya. I've been thinking about changing mine too. I hate those stupid symbols that show up on mine.

  4. I suppose you could always just do "ELI" ... if you're concerned about anonymity type issues on the web ... not that you necessarily should be, but you never know.