Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm stranded in a parking lot in Anaheim, in front of a Spanish language health care clinic. I can smell Little Ceasars pizza, and there's a woman singing opera in the apartment next to me. She sounds like Snow White when she sings to the birds. I ran out of gas so Linsey's bringing me the gas can. Oops.

I am grateful for:

-My (mostly) sweet pre-teen daughter Ashley, who's braces-filled smile lights up my day. And that she still IM's me “I love u” on Facebook.

-That James still begs me to play light-saber fights with him.

-That Linsey and I filled Valentine's Day with love and patience, not hurt and alcohol.

-That every night I have chihuahuas nestled up against my head and my ankles.

-That I got to sing and play the piano for a living this morning. And I'm thankful for the song “Our God.”

-I have pink eye. I'm not grateful for that(!), but I'm thankful it's getting better. Man, it itches.

-For thirty days of sanity.

-That people I've never met bother to read my site and leave comments that have helped me through some awful times.

-For my rabbit Max, who's dug a cave system under my patio. Now that the rain has stopped, he's sunning himself outside my window.

-That I have bro's I can call – like my cousin who came and helped me patch my tire this week. For some reason that flat tire had me feeling helpless and depressed, but I didn't have to deal with it alone.

-For parents who live down the street and will loan me $ to buy antibiotic eye-drops when my bank account's totally empty.

-I'm grateful for Entenmann's donuts. I just am.


  1. I needed a gratitude list today and yours filled the bill. Thanks, Eli :)

  2. Good for you Eli. Glad that you are sober and grateful.

  3. Funny how much we can be thankful for if we just stop and take a moment. Great list, thanks for the reminder!

  4. I liked reading your list of 'Be thankful's.
    I am greatful for being given two feet to put on the floor each time I get out of bed on another 'New Day'.
    I have a daughter, just like you, who has to sometimes 'borrow' from the 'Bank of Mum and Dad'. What is family for except to always be there for each other and share that most important commodity 'love?' (smile)
    Jeanie x

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  6. I like the last one. LOL
    Allen K